FixList was a real estate data analytics initative to help people find their next investment property. This project went on from 2015 until 2017. Their goal was to equip people, companies, and organizations with the knowledge they need to wisely utilize their resources and facilitate efficient research.


Real estate analysts are the masterminds of investment properties. They are able to study market data and trends for real estate. As a consequence, they must conduct market research, provide recommendations and forecasts.


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Mapped Results

Search results that are shown so you can see where in the city the properties of your interest are.

Predictive Analytics

With accompanying charts and graphs, compare homes and areas based on statistical patterns.

Custom Filters

Find homes by neighborhood, square footage, zoning, availability, and other criteria.

Consolidated Data

Save yourself or your team hours of investigation by finding the data you want in a single location.

Refreshed Weekly

So that you may stay current with the market, data and analysis are updated once a week.

Dedicated Support

We want people to have the greatest experience possible.

FixList Was a Real Estate Analysis Tool That Disbanded in 2017.